Stunner Industries

A Metal Enclosure Manufacturer



Stunner Industries’ comprehensive ranges of electrical enclosures are both user-friendly and made for any working environment, no matter how harsh or clinically clean.

Stunner Industries’ Enclosures are designed on the basis of current applicable standards.

• The most important user aspects are embodied in this enclosure system concept. So our products are distinguished by their safety.

• All sheet steel enclosures are manufactured from electro galvanized sheet steel and aluminum enclosures from high-grade aluminum alloys having high impact strength.

• The Enclosures being placed in various environments that demand resistance against corrosion, scratching and ageing a high quality painting process is required.

• The Enclosures are therefore painted with protective Polyester type oven dried paint.

Stunner Industries is environmental Concious company. We provide fully Life Time Service.


Our mission is to supply a full range of custom and standard, configure to order, electronic enclosure products to selected markets. We are dedicated to serve our customers by adding superior value with our industry expertise, innovative systems and commitment to them.


Stunner Industries is a high performance, customer focused organization in which each individual understands the company goals and guiding principles, their team’s objectives and the role they play within the company. In our served markets, we are a leader providing solutions that enclose and protect people and equipment through superior customer service, product quality, manufacturing excellence and innovation. We set ambitious target and strive for continuous improvement.


The fulcrum of business enterprise is built on trust and confidence where every employee shall share a common bond with the customers, large and small, and volunteer his / her services unsolicited.